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EXCLUSIVE OFFER: Free Makeup DVD, Free Makeup Brush Set, 3 Dual Eye & Lip Pencils plus a Beauty Sensation Tote Bag. Total Value over $85.00. Your Gift when you order the Eye Palette below. More FREE Offers below.




With the purchase of our New Professional Eye Shadow Palette..

New Professional 28 Color Neutral Warm Eyeshadow Palette Eye Shadow Makeup

This palette is a Makeup Artist dream come true. 28 highly pigmented eye shadows in cool and warm tones.  Very pigmented and vibrant, easy to match your look! . Perfect for party makeup/casual makeup/wedding makeup, etc.  High quality ingredients with silky shine color, can last for all day long! . Go from the office to a night on the town with this wide variety of hues.  Use alone or numerous hues for a color explosion on your eyes. Dimension: 9.05''L x 5.90''W

Order the Shadow Palette now and receive the Free DVD, Free Makeup Brush Set plus 3 Dual Eye and Lip Pencils.


HOW TO ORDER: Click the Buy Now button below.  $29.95. 


With the Free DVD you'll learn techniques you can use to create an alluring look of your own. If you have blemishes or uneven skin tone you will learn how to transform yourself step by step into a flawless beauty. Use the techniques to create a natural look of  your own. The DVD runs over 60 minutes and it's in English and Spanish. Many women claim it's priceless and it's yours FREE plus a Designer tote bag and a set of Makeup Brushes. Order now and receive 25% off . Click Here To See A Video Clip Of The DVD.

  BONUS GIFT:  3 Dual Eye & Lip Pencils.


TRIO EYE MAKEUP. Finally, no need to guess. We make Eye Makeup easy with the Base. Crease & Highlight colors in one Palette.


Platinum Flip Top View

LEARN HOW TO MAKE UP YOUR EYES. Starting at your lash line, apply your BASE color (A) (the darkest shade) first, and then apply your CREASE color (medium shade)  in the crease area (B). Apply your HIGHLIGHT color (the lightest shade) in the highlight color area, (C) below the brow bone. Finally, blend the colors with a cotton ball or your fingertip to remove any obvious line. If the colors are too bright tone them down with a little Translucent Powder. $15.50

                                                             Waterfall           Eclipse          Ocean Breeze     Bloom            Bambi

WaterfallEclipseOcean Breeze






NEW ITEMS                        

 Liquid Lip Cream

 Liquid Lip Cream combines high intensity pigments with moisturizing agents for long lasting, vibrant, and absolutely gorgeous lips. The lightweight formula applies smoothly. The minty flavor keeps your mouth looking and feeling kissable fresh all day. $14.00

  Apple PieApple Pie   Fusion PinkFusion Pink ImpulseImpulse


Eye Shadow Shimmer Dust Platinum Pot (w/ sifter)

Sparkle! Shimmer! Shine! Loose powder eye shadow dust creates intense color and comes in a spill proof package. Use to highlight eyes for drama, wet as sparkling eyeliner, or as an all-over face and body highlighter. Each little pot contains multiple facets of intensive reflective color that glides on smoothly adding sparkle and sheen. BELOW




Soft Rose


Rouge Sparkle

Olive Gold


Moon Gold



Select Shade

Plum Wine

Love Potion

Eye Catching! Bold! Superb shades, all beautifully ranged to compliment all seasons, all fashions. Our velvety texture and highly pigmented shadows will keep you on the cutting edge of the trends. $8.50.



 22 EXCITING SHADES OF LIPSTICKS Platinum Lipstick Case$11..50



High Roller

Classic Red 



Wide Awake


        Medium Mauve Brown


Shimmer Brownish Pink

Mai Tai  

Mai Tai New! Summer 2011

Warm Shimmer Apricot 



Deep Plum Berry


Code Red





Code Red

    Bright warm red




     Alchemy Alchemy





Shimmer Gold Pink





They are smooth, soft textured, rich and glowing color with Vitamin E and  Castor Oil for continuous moisture. They will make your Lips appear fuller and the color has extreme staying power that will not fade or feather. Also contains, antioxidants to soften and protect your lips




Flip FlopFlip Flop







 CoQ10 Liquid Foundation with Pump 


 A blendable moisture rich silicone-based liquid foundation that provides a medium to full matte finish. Contains CoQ10 an anti-aging ingredient that minimize fine lines,  smoothes out wrinkles, and leaves skin feeling youthful and luminous.  

Hides and reduces skin imperfections, leaves skin feeling and looking soft, radiant, and flawless. For all skin types.
1 OZ $20.50.

Select Foundation Shade

Foundation PrimerFoundation Primer

Our new Foundation Primer slips over clean, dry skin giving you the perfect surface. Every artist needs to work on a perfect canvas. The soothing vitamins and anti-oxidants help soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and the specialized silicone-based formula will provide grip to increase the wear and longevity of your foundation. Beautifully packaged in 1 oz. glass bottle w/pump and platinum box. $18.50

click on image for larger view





Face  & Body Bronzer Bronzer

For an all over sun-kissed glow, sexy color, and hint of shimmer, rub on shoulders, arms, neckline-anywhere you dare. As a highlighter or all over.. see radiant results. Enriched with moisturizing ingredients such as carrot oil, coconut oil, and aloe vera gel, this non-streak face and body bronzer keeps skin soft and silky. Available in 100ml or 15ml sizes with Platinum Box. Large 3.4 oz. $32.50.



Loose Mineral Powders

  Our Mineral powder provides a natural, virtually undetectable finish. In fact, you'll hardly know it's there. The fine-textured formula takes down shine without dulling and won't streak, cake, or clog pores. It is formulated for all skin types, silky-smooth translucent loose powder balances out skin tones and sets your makeup for a flawless finish that lasts all day.. Translucent Powder is critical to your makeup.. it's the Makeup Artist's best friend. $22.50.

Select shade below to order Here


Two Way Pressed Foundation

 This velvet powder may be used wet or dry. Apply with a damp sponge for a sheer application or use dry for a more opaque coverage and for touch-ups. Two-Way Foundation shades can be applied to be sheer or built up to a more dramatic effect . Fragrance Free. Net Wt. 8.6 grams. $18.50.

Light Beige  Sand  Latte  Bronze Beige* Bronze Beige Mocha Beige  Dutch Chocolate          


Foundation and Powder all in one, our Two-Way Foundation evens out even the most difficult complexions. Platinum Bi-Level w/ Sponge  . then choose shade


Creme Foundation w/ SPF-15

For full, velvety coverage, try our new Creme Foundation w/ SPF 15. This blendable formula is   easy to use all over the face or perfect for touch-ups on problem areas. Formulated for  ultra-smooth blending and application, it is soft and supple but never greasy. Perfectly camouflaging the skin's imperfections without heaviness, it's long lasting and keeps skin moisturized all day. Soft Jamocha $25.00


  Platinum Bi-Level w/ Sponge









DC1          Cool MC1DC3Warm LW1

The ultimate water-based liquid foundation! This new oil-free liquid foundation contains soft focus powders that make the skin look and feel natural and flawless. SPF 15 and potent anti-oxidants Vitamins A, C, & E help protect skin from free radicals and other environmental damage. Provides a light to medium coverage and is recommended for all skin types.  Comes in 1 oz Bottle, 30 M   $22.50

Choose Shade





    Natural Medium                              Natural Light                                Orange

Cover it up...with our creamier, softer formula! Cover dark circles, hide fine lines, and even out skin tones under the eye without the heaviness or greasy feeling. A new, softer formula, working to counteract flaws and even out the skin. A creamier formula for a smoother application.  $18.50

Choose Shade



Powder Blush


Ultra satin and lightweight powder, brushes on to a smooth finish. Perfectly pigmented, color never looks dry or flat and is great for contouring face shapes. Layer up for stronger color, or tone it down. Platinum Flip Top Case. Price $15.50

Affection Showing


Sun Kiss     Feng Shui   HibiscusRosette     

 Bubble Gum  PumpkinDusk       Party 

Choose Shade



Plump up your pout! Create plump, luscious, pouty, and sexy lips without plastic surgery. VO-LIP-TUOUS revolutionary special formulation is designed to restore collagen and hydrate lips. VO-LIP-TUOUS increases moisture, creating the illusion of volume by filling in the creases around the mouth and improving  the contour and fullness of the lips. VO-LIP-TUOUS contains polypeptides and ceramides that penetrate lips to smooth out those little lines and wrinkles! The result-plumper, smoother, and conditioned lips! Use  VO-LIP-TUOUS serum morning and night by applying on bare lips or under a favorite lip color.  $15.75 1oz. Platinum Box.





 Now you too can have younger looking skin using our Age Defying Anti Wrinkle Cream. Use it to revitalize your skin, slow the signs of aging, diminish wrinkles and fine lines,  to look years younger. Use it daily on the face and neck to smooth lines and wrinkles. The Collagen, Alpha Hydroxy and other Skin Nourishing Ingredients goes to work immediately to help your skin regain a more youthful appearance.  See and feel the difference instantly. 3 oz .$21.95.      



 Glycolic Acid 10% Retexturizing Serum

 This effective anti-aging serum contains Alpha Hydroxy Acid and Aloe to clarify and nourish the skin. Glycolic Acid works by thoroughly exfoliating the outer layer of dry, rough, and environmentally damaged skin, leaving it smooth and more radiant. With prolonged use, this product will retexture decongested dull skin and diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles leaving skin revitalized. $25.75.






All Day Moisture Lotion

For All Skin Types

This lightweight cream, rich in biopeptides and copper, helps to stimulate collagen naturally found in the skin. Noticeably improves skin tone and elasticity with regular use. Biopeptide CL is a collagen stimulant that makes fine lines and wrinkles appear less noticeable. Copper is a collagen-building mineral that firms skin by stimulating elastin production.  1 oz. $21.95





            Age Defying Eye Cream

Intense Line Smoothing Therapy. This rich cream provides moisture to the  delicate  tissue surrounding the eye area, while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by replenishing levels of HA that have been lost due to progressive aging. Hyaluronic Acid is a super molecule that hydrates the skin   resulting in a more youthful appearance. Elegant frosted  glass jar comes in a box.1 oz. $23.00.





Multi-Active Mud Masque & ScrubGlass Jar .3 oz  85g

A dual-action, almond seed based masque and scrub in one! Removes pore clogging impurities by exfoliating dead skin cells while promoting cellular turnover. Almond Seed Meal is a gentle exfoliant. Humectants help skin retain moisture. Dimethicone protects the skin against moisture loss. $21.95. Glass Jar .3 oz 85






Mint Clay Masque

This invigorating clay masque tightens pores and dries up excess oil, resulting in a clean, refreshed complexion. Bentonite is a mineral rich clay that aids in decongesting pores, removes cellular debris and draws out impurities without stripping moisture. Humectants help retain moisture, leaving skin supple and soft.  3 Oz.. $20.95



for Combination/Normal Skin Types.

A complete product regimen for daily skincare to help reduce shine, control excess oils and lightly hydrate. Anti-bacterial, antiviral and ant-inflammatory, helps to eliminate acne causing bacterial without harsh chemicals.. Weekly use of the Multi-Active Mud Masque will deep clean your skin, while micro black jojoba spheres provide a gentle granular exfoliation. This concentrated formula stimulates circulation and brightens your complexion. $84.90


DAILY SKINCARE ROUTINE for normal/combination skin


Step 1: Cleanse Step 2: Tone Step 3: Moisturize Step 4: Masque once or twice weekly.  



Sensitive Skin Care Kit

DAILY SKINCARE ROUTINE for Dry/Sensitive Skin Types


  Step 1: Cleanse. Step 2: Tone.  Step 3: Moisturize.  Step 4: Masque once or twice weekly.

This skin type can be classified as dry, or sensitive and requires special treatment. This Kit will gradually alleviate the sensitivity of your special skin type. $84.90 .



Acne/Oily Skin Care Kit

A comprehensive daily skin regimen for Acne and Oily skin types that hydrates, replenishes, and removes impurities that clogs the pores, use daily twice a day. The weekly Sulphur masque blended with purified clay helps to dry up and clear blemishes while preventing new breakouts. masque is a full 3oz. $85.45 Great for teens and adults . Use as directed




Intensive Skin Lightening Complex

Used regularly, this potent blend of 2% Hydroquinone,1% Kojic Acid, Vitamins A and E, Aloe and Sunflower Seed Oil, will gradually lighten hyper-pigmentation and skin discolorations. A combination of sun avoidance and daily use of this creme will help fade age spots, freckles, melasma and other skin discolorations.


  •  Lights the appearance of skin discoloration

  • Addresses skin damaged by the sun

  • Helps improve tone, texture, and look of skin

  • Ideal for all complexions

The ingredients in this formula have been clinically shown to be effective in helping to fade away the appearance of skin discoloration or pigmentation spots on the face, neck, back, arms, wrists, and hands. 3.05 oz  $32.95  



Vitamin C Toner

 A non-alcoholic Vitamin C enriched formula that helps calm and heal problem skin. over face and neck. Repeat until cotton pad shows no residue. Follow with moisturizer. Use twice daily. Benefits: Vitamin C - helps heal. Important to the formation of collagen and is an anti-oxidant.6 oz $19.50.





Aloe Toner

A mild, effective freshener with the benefits of botanical ingredients.

After cleansing, apply liberally with cotton pad. Wipe gently over face and neck. Repeat until cotton pad shows no residue. Follow with moisturizer. Use twice daily. Benefits: Aloe Vera - healing properties, Retains moisture, soothes and softens. Does not contain alcohol. Chamomile - an anti-inflammatory, healing agent. Has anti-bacterial properties. Kiwi - contains antioxidants C, D & E, rich in mucopolysaccharides. Rosemary Extract - decongestant, antiseptic, dissolves sebum secretions. 6 oz $19.50.




Cucumber Toner

A botanical blend of cucumber and fruit extracts. Gently removes excess impurities from skin's surface while leaving skin refreshed and hydrated. Smoothes, tightens, and refreshes tired skin. Cucumber Extract helps to cool the skin and is credited with anti-inflammatory capabilities. Calms the skin as it delivers moisture. 6.5 oz. $21.50





Deep Pore Clarifying Cleanser

Blended with Green, Red, and White Tea

 An effective cleanser formulated For combination/oily skin types, to deep clean and penetrate deep into pores while reducing surface bacteria. Helps protect the skin from free radicals and other environmental pollutants. Directions and Usage: Wet face and massage in circular motion. Rinse well. Follow with toner and moisturizer. Use twice daily. Benefits: Oil free, Gentle and Fragrance Free. Deeply cleans pores. helps maintain healthy skin. Price$21.50  No D&C Dyes.6oz. Skin Type: Combination/Oily.


  Sensitive Skin Cleanser

with Aloe Vera and Chamomile

Skin Type: Sensitive/dry  A mild facial cleanser created specially for sensitive skin. Its non-abrasive texture deep cleans while Aloe Vera and Chamomile work together to protect and calm the skin. Directions and Usage: Wet face and massage in circular motion. Rinse well. Follow with toner and moisturizer. Use twice daily. Benefits: Oil free, Gentle and Fragrance Free. Deeply cleans pores. 6 oz.  $21.50



Oil Free Moisturizer                           



An outstanding moisturizing lotion that keeps skin supple and smooth, protecting it from the elements. An extremely lightweight non-greasy moisturizer specially formulated for oily/problem skin. Grape Seed Extract effectively diminishes the sun’s damaging effects. Contains Proanthocyanidins,a potent anti-oxidant with healing properties. Ginseng moisturizes and soothes problem skin. Benefits: Oil free. Aloe Vera Gel - soothes, heals and protects. Allantoin - helps heal and reduces skin blemishes. Absorbs quickly. Fragrance free.6 oz. $21.50



Men's  Maintenance Products

"Fuel For The Skin"

Men's facial cleansers and scrubs which revives and smoothes skin by removing buildups of oil and dead skin, helps reduce acne and ingrown hairs. Order the set for optimal results


Men's Facial Cleanser

This gentle, oil free cleanser deep cleans pores and rids them of excess dirt. Moisturizing plant extracts will leave skin soft and smooth.

  • Vitamin B5 aids in tissue repair

  • Willow Bark Extract increases cell turnover

Yucca Glauca Root Extract replenishes moisture and smoothness of the skin. $20.00



             Men's Action C Moisturizer

This lightweight moisturizer is super charged with Vitamin C to help minimize the signs of aging. Restores natural moisture and aids in diminishing lines.

  • Antioxidants to protect skin from environmental damage.

  • Stimulates collagen regeneration to help improve elasticity. $20.00



                             Men's Facial Scrub+

Spherical beads will gently, but thoroughly remove dead skin cells. The Vitamin  C will nourish and the Aloe, Chamomile and Algae Extracts will leave skin looking renewed and feeling refreshed.      

  • Algae Extract infuses skin with vital nutrients that contribute to firmer  skin while reducing the appearance of fine lines..

  • Increases cell turnover and collagen synthesis.

  • Improves skin hydration and firmness. $16.00  



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    Send us an email listing the products you want to order and we'll request payment via PayPal.